10th Baltic Sea Science Congress

Riga, 15 – 19 June 2015

Twenty years ago three scientific associations – Conference of Baltic Oceanographers, Baltic Marine Biologists and Baltic Marine Geologists entwined their forces establishing the biennial Baltic Sea Science Congress. Since 2009, BONUS -The Joint Baltic Sea Research and Innovation Programme – stands among the regular co-organisers.

Just before midsummer of 2015, Riga – the capital city of Latvia – will welcome the 10th anniversary Baltic Sea Science Congress.

While keeping focus on the Baltic Sea, the anniversary Congress will encourage comparative studies and knowledge sharing within the broader European region seas’ context. To this end, the organising committee will be strengthened by the Estuarine Coastal Sciences Association.

Giving particular attention to the role, dynamics and integrated management of the systems of coasts, estuaries, gulfs, lagoons and archipelagos, Congress will tentatively address broad disciplinary spectrum covering:

  • physical oceanography
  • marine biology
  • marine geology
  • interdisciplinary aspects of achieving and protecting good environmental status and long-term sustainability of ecosystem services.

At the start of the 10th Baltic Sea Science Congress the participants will have a unique opportunity to discuss the actualities of research and innovation for blue growth at a dedicated high-level session of the annual EU Baltic Sea Region Strategy Forum.

Applied session devoted to finding solutions and setting targets for sustainable blue growth for the coastal seas of Europe will be held also as a part of the main Congress program.

Keeping the good tradition, the 10th Congress will feature several keynote lectures on relevant topics by the researchers of global reputation.

Especially invited to the Congress are the young researchers to whom a discount of participation fee will be available and exciting activities of the BONUS Young Scientists’ Club will be held.

Congress papers will be published in “Estuarine, Coastal and Shelf Science” (IF of the past five years = 2.8).

Scientific Committee nominated by:

  • Baltic Marine Biologists
  • Baltic Marine Geologists
  • BONUS Joint Baltic Sea Research and Innovation Programme
  • Conference of Baltic Oceanographers
  • Estuarine Coastal Science Association

Let us meet in Riga!